đź‘‹ Hello, I'm

David Alexander

And I do

Product Strategy and User Experience

I work as a London-based Product, UX and Strategy Lead. Typically this means I help companies research and create better products, services or internal design teams. If you're looking for my portfolio or my professional profile, get in touch on . On a lighter note, I also hang about on . And if you appreciate a side project, listed below are a small selection of things I do just for fun.

Side projects


VICE Headline Generator

Create random headlines worthy of any VICE article


Super Fresh Power Squad

Deadly D & the electro hip-hop band from Planet 808

Chrome Extension

Bound 4 Da Reload

Play the garage anthem every time you reload a page


Has Trump Been Impeached Yet?

The latest on the Donald

Mac App

Unique Code Generator

Generate millions of unique codes in a jiffy


The Dead List

A tribute to one hundred famous faces that passed



Replace every image on a webpage with Iain Dowie